Oct. 7, 2022
Make a Payment

PAYMENT is due in full at the time of booking.

Zelle Bank Transfer
Wells Fargo Bank

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Name on Account: Terry A Tenzing

Name that will appear on Zelle payment. Please include event date and package in the Zelle notes.

Payment Policy

After 26 years in business, I’ve come to the conclusion that requiring payment in full is the best commitment for my clients to make to me and for me to make 100% commitment to them. This locks in your booking on my calendar. I get calls every week from distraught people who have been told at the last minute their event has been cancelled or they are no longer on the books in their dealings with another company to whom they only gave a $50 deposit. It’s pretty painless to not show up and leave people hanging with such a minimum commitment if something better comes along.

We don’t treat our clients this way. You can be 100% assured that we will be there! I am also 100% comfortable turning away other business to be committed to your reservation. This policy takes the best care of me and it also takes the best care of you ~ the client :-). I am a big enough company that we always show up :-). There are enough drivers and attendants to cover all of our events and we don’t overbook as smaller companies do pretty regularly :-). As soon as I receive your payment I send you back a contract and a receipt showing paid in full. You have that as a legally binding document :-).

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to working with you!